Milk By Processing



Without homogenization, the milk fat would separate from the milk and rise to the top. Milk fat is what gives milk its rich and creamy taste. Homogenization makes sure that the fat is spread out evenly in the milk so that every sip of milk has the same delicious flavour and creamy texture. The milk fat cells then stay suspended evenly throughout the milk.


Pasteurization is the process that purifying and preserving milk and helps it stay fresher, longer. Milk is pasteurized by heating it to 80°C for 16 seconds then quickly cooling it to 4°C. , milk becomes safe to drink and holds it’s delicious flavour for much longer.

Packaging Milk & Storing

The machines are carefully sanitized and packages are filled and sealed without human hands. This keeps outside bacteria out of the milk which helps keep the milk stay fresh. The cold store helps the milk to maintain the self life.