Nivjer as a group, is built on the foundation of quality engineering practices and management procedure headed by specialists experienced in various fields like dairy brewery, distillery, and other process industry background.
We strive to provide and assure clients of a professional, comprehensive, reliable and flexible approaches.
Services offered includes
Project Management
Design and Engineering
Installation and Supervision
Equipment Commissioning
Operator Training
Technical Support
Safety Evaluation and Recommendation
Energy Efficiency Study
Equipment Relocation  
Project Management
Technical analysis to evaluate new procedure to achieve good performance
Derive process methods by well proven technology
Cost estimate from Engineering to Production
Arriving Plants infrastructure requirements
Control on Project planning from concept to to commissioning.

Plant Upgrades

Energy efficiency upgrade
Modify and upgrade existing equipment
Production capacity increase
Process optimization/minimize downtime
Automated cleaning cycle (CIP)
Explosion and fire protection


Analyze and advise process solutions
Operator training
Product build-up
Product quality improvement
Safety evaluation and recommendation

Fire protection and suppression
We ourselves have kept informed of the national & international standards to be adopted for execution of projects like ISO 9000 and are meticulous in adopting such procedures required to be followed while executing works and believe in inculcating such a system to our subcontractors, wherever and whenever appointed for carrying out works on our behalf.
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